The Gyilkosto (Red Lake) Adventure Race is a non-stop orientation race.

Teams of four persons can enter the competition of which one member is female.
Teams can bring a helping member with them, who can be of assistance to the team at check points.
Possible tasks of the race are: cross-country running, alpine techniques, rock-climbing, exploring caves and cross-country biking.
The teams are free to choose their time of rest.
The competition starts on Friday at 8 AM and lasts until Sunday 10 AM, giving a 50 hour time limit. (

Organizers provide equipment for alpine techniques and assure permanent medical and technical assistance.
Teams are classified according to their time of arrival with respect to the competition rules.
The adventure race is not just a sporting event, rather it is a strategical game- it is up to the athletes to decide on the pace and tactics of your performance.
The main objective is to finish the race!

Attention to teams with sponsors!
Teams must communicate names of sponsors and send logos to the organizers.
Logos can appear on the website and at the start and finish gate of the race.
Teams with sponsors can wear logos and names of their supporters on their clothing.

Other information about the race on the